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biokonopia sklep(non-registered)
biokonopia sklep
Jade Bria(non-registered)
Todd is AWESOME!
He has helped me improve my photography in so many ways. He's very knowledgeable and gives great constructive feedback, letting you know what looks good and what you can change/learn from. He also gives great gear recommendations, especially when you're looking for a specific shot. I was looking to upgrade my DSLR body and didn't know what I should move to next. Todd actually let me shoot with his gear and taught me how to use it, so I could get a feel for what I wanted next. His teaching method is awesome, because he'll teach you about different exposure settings for different shots, best locations and lighting for those shots, but he always explains why and what those settings are doing to your picture, to help you understand. He also encourages creativity, making the shot your own, and creating your own style. Todd taught me a ton of information that helped me to not only feel more comfortable when shooting, but also to get a more clear idea of what I'm looking for and what to use to capture that image.
If you're just getting into photography, or, like me, you feel kind of stuck, like your shots are missing something, CALL TODD!!
I no longer feel stuck and I'm still seeing improvement everyday. It's a very happy feeling.
renee morgan
Thank You so much Todd for capturing such beautiful photos of Jessica and Caleb's wedding day! You are truly amazing and so talented. You made everything so incredibly easy for us we cant thank you enough! So enjoyed getting to meet your beautiful family as well!!
C. Dixon Hightower(non-registered)
Your pictures of our DCSAR team practicing at Daniels Park were spectacular....really outstanding in every way. Thanks! Chuck 727
Racheal Beaulieu(non-registered)
Thank you , thankyou a million times over! It is usually such a hassle getting two small children to cooperate for family photos. Your relaxed & laid back approach made it so comfortable. Our photos came out terrific! For our first family photos we could not be more happy:) -Racheal , Chris landen & baby Colten :)
Naomi Martinez
Todd, you did a fantastic job! Thanks for all your patience in dealing with me as we decided on the best photo, size and frame for this special gift for my husband. I couldn't be more happy with the results and my husband is very happy with the framed photo as well. You did a great job!! You are definitely a talented, photographer. Keep up the great work.
William Koehler(non-registered)
Excellent work Todd. Keep it up and good things will follow!
It was nice to enjoy the race and not worry about taking photos. We bought a 11x14 and its hanging in his room and looks great.
Liza Ozuna(non-registered)
Great photos! Love them all! :)
Kelly Drake(non-registered)
Hey Todd!! Great Shots! Thanks!
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